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Abused Women : You Have the Strength and Courage to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship

Being involved in an abusive relationship is a very serious problem because in many cases the abuser will make the victim feel trapped. These traps can come in the form of emotional blackmailing and also physical. In this article we are going to talk about the many things that might be keeping you from getting out of the abusive relationship and how you can get out of it.

The first thing that is very common is the kind of things that abusive people will say when you tell them that you need to have a serious discussion about the future of the relationship. A bad sign of abusive behavior is usually when the person says they would die without you or that their lives would be shattered. This is something that you need to lookout for because that is the most common form of emotional blackmail.

If they say this to you without even wanting to have a mature discussion you need to consider this a very serious warning that you need to jump ship. Unfortunately when a person is not capable of having a discussion with you they leave you no choice but to abandon the situation. You can try to reason with them for a while, but if you continue to get a bad response you have to get out of the situation as fast as you can.

There are other people who will use your friends, relatives and even your kids if you have any. They might start by saying that family members will miss them and that you would be destroying an entire family by separating, but this is not an excuse to remain in a bad relationship with someone.

Things can take a turn for the worst with people who will blackmail you emotionally and if you decide not to play their game they could even get violent. If someone ever acts this way with you, that should be a clear indication that this person is not going to be able to make you happy and you will live your life in constant drama. You should never allow for this to happen and the longer you wait to get out of a relationship that has become physically abusive, the easier it will be for things to turn extremely violent. That is unacceptable and it should not be tolerated.

You need to understand that there is usually no way a person who acts violently could change. There might be some cases when people who are emotionally abusive can change their ways, but those who escalate to physical abuse are far too damaged to be helped. They need to go through a lot of counseling and soul searching in order to be able to handle being in a relationship. You need to remember that in most cases these people used to be victims of abusive behavior too. This is not something that excuses their acts, but it allows you to understand that you both need to separate and not let things escalate any further.

Never allow yourself to let a bad relationship linger just because you are afraid to speak your mind. No one should be forced to suffer from any kind of mental or physical abuse ever and in many cases the lack of courage to get away from this can results in fatal situations that are very tragic. If you don’t find the inner strength to put an end to things you will end up in a terrible situation for sure.

Robert Moment is a life coach, speaker and author of several life-transforming books, Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence Help for Abused Women and Domestic Violence Survivors, Verbal Abuse: How Women Can Successfully Recognize, Respond to and Overcome Verbally Abusive Relationships and Abusive People, and How Do You Find Happiness . Robert specializes in maximizing human potential for happiness , purpose and success. Visit and sign-up for the FREE Life-Transforming e-courses on Overcoming Domestic Abuse and Verbal Abuse


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