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Abused Women : Top 7 Reasons Why Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

Sometimes abused women can find it very hard to get away from abusive relationships and this is more common than a lot of people even think. The problem of domestic abuse is a much larger phenomenon than most people think. In this domestic article we are going to talk about the reasons why this happens to so many women and they can’t seem to get out of their situations.

1-They feel obligated by marriage tradition

A lot of abused women tend to feel obligated to do stay even in the most abusive relationship because of the traditions that their families have told them to keep. Sometimes this can be such a huge mental burden to a woman that she will stay with her abusive husband even if he beats her up and also abuses their children.

2-They don’t have any close family to support them

Some women simply don’t have any family that can help them and support them and this forces them to stay in an abusive relationship. Many abusive partners start to alienate women from family and friends to make sure that they never leave them.

3-They have children together

This is one of the most critical reasons why this happens and it can be very hard for women to divorce of get separated from their abusers even if the levels of domestic violence become extreme. Many women have even died by the hands of their spouses before they even consider leaving them.

4-They feel responsible for the abuse

Believe it or not, many abused women can actually start to feel responsible for the abuse they get from their partners and they think it’s their fault that they are being treated that way. Women who have this kind of abusive relationships and they can’t seem to leave them is because they truly believe they are responsible for them.

5-They have no financial support to be independent

Some women never work and they become stay at home mothers from the very beginning of their marriage. This usually leads to a situation that makes them financially helpless. It can be responsible for quite a large percentage of women who don’t leave abusive relationships. This is why so many women are now trying to find careers and they share the financial responsibilities with their partners.

6-To avoid pointing fingers

Keeping problems to themselves is a very common thing that happens to a lot of women because they feel ashamed of having friends and family talk about the abuse that they receive. This is a terrible reason that makes many women continue to live tormented lives and feeling depressed and desperate, but for some of them the punishment is better than to let everyone know what is going on. Now that we have social media and all kinds of internet communication tools this is becoming an even bigger problem because gossiping is a lot easier.

7-Because of their religious beliefs

This is also a very critical reason why a lot of abused women decide to stay in emotionally and physically abusive relationships. You will see that many people are usually more afraid of the punishment that god will give them. The religions social circles that people with serious belief have are also very fast to condemn women who leave their marriages.

All of these reasons are very common in different places in the world and hopefully abused women who read this will understand that there is no excuse to stay in an abusive relationship. If financial issues are the main reason, they can always seek help from organizations dedicated to helping women who suffer from abuse in their homes.


Robert Moment is a life coach, speaker and author of several life-transforming books, Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence Help for Abused Women and Domestic Violence Survivors, Verbal Abuse: How Women Can Successfully Recognize, Respond to and Overcome Verbally Abusive Relationships and Abusive People, and How Do You Find Happiness . Robert specializes in maximizing human potential for happiness , purpose and success. Visit and sign-up for the FREE Life-Transforming e-courses on Overcoming Domestic Abuse and Verbal Abuse

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