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 Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence Seminars

Would you like to Rebuild Your Life with Newly Restored Confidence?


Our Domestic Abuse Survivor’s seminars provide abused women with the inspiration, motivation and encouragement they need to go from merely surviving to absolutely thriving!

Our on-site seminar at your organization or workplace will help you:

  • Rebuild your Self Esteem and Rediscover your Self Worth!

Join us for a while to discuss your self-worth and find ways you can improve your life as a person, not just as a survivor.

  • Learn to Heal and Understanding Forgiveness!

Learning to forgive yourself and others is a vital step in reclaiming your life and getting back on the track to a positive future, for you.

  •  Transform your Present and Reclaim your Life!

By learning to transform your present situation and reclaim your life, you can begin preparing to build a new future.

  • Embrace your Future!

Information that boosts your self-confidence and self-worth will enhance your ability to embrace a new future.

Our seminar provides survivors with the empowerment and inspiration they need to overcome their past and transform their present in a way that ensures a bright, fulfilling future!


A survivor must go through the process of rebuilding her life and reclaiming her sense of self. Abusers frequently beat down their victims not only in a physical sense, but in an emotional sense as well. To gain control over their victims, abusers must isolate their victims from friends and family. Therefore, once the victim emerges from the abusive relationship, they often find that they’re alone, without a support system.

Abusers can also devastate the victim’s confidence, self-esteem and even their sense of self. Emotional and psychological healing is a very important part of the domestic abuse recovery process!


Leaving an abusive relationship is the first step in the process toward recovery. Reclaiming your life isn’t easy and it can seem overwhelming: survivors often find themselves without a home, without a job, without self-confidence, and without positive, healthy relationships that provide the individual with a support system. Our domestic abuse survivor’s seminar will place you on the right path. Before you know it, you’ll be confident, self-sufficient and experiencing the happiness that you deserve!


Healing is a difficult process but you don’t have to do it alone. By using the MIA formula of Motivation, Information and Action, you will learn powerful information that is going to change your life!


Mending relationships that have been damaged by a tumultuous and abusive relationship with your spouse or partner can be a scary road to travel on your own. With our help and before you know it, you’ll have transformed once more into a strong, beautiful person, the one that is inside of each of us. You can find a way to recover so that you can be on track and take hold of your future!

Our seminar will show you that there are others on your side, who wish you nothing but success.

Are you going to pass up that opportunity?


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